Key Principles

  • Deep Work is focused and uninterrupted work. Distractions and conflicting demands hinder deep work.
  • Deep Work allows people to master complex topics fast. Some of the best ideas and meaningful progress come from deep work.
  • The ability to do deep work allows you to feel a sense of meaning and being ‘in flow’.
  • Evaluate your habits and actions with the aim of structuring your time to protect your attention and allow time to do the deep work.
  • Consider quitting certain social media channels, embracing boredom, and “draining the shallows of your life” in order to get down to deep work.
  • The key is to develop your ability to focus more intensely, and at the same time, resist distractions. You can train this ability like a muscle. 
  • Every time you allow yourself to get distracted, such as checking your mobile phone, you weaken your ability to focus and do deep work.
  • Focus ruthlessly on your most important goals. Exclude work that does not add meaning to your life and resist the temptation to justify distractions.


The above is inspired from the bestselling book "Deep Work" by Cal Newport.

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