Peaceful Conflicts

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When most people hear the word “conflict,” they often associate negative connotations such as aggression, offensiveness or even violence. However, conflicts are not something we can avoid. We all hold different beliefs, expectations, identities, and ways of thinking and acting which can lead to disagreements and conflicts in all sorts of situations.

Since relationship conflicts are inevitable and a fact of life, then instead of suppressing and doing everything that we can to avoid conflicts in our lives (mostly out of fear or the belief that it’s bad), it’d be wise to learn how to resolve conflicts in a peaceful and constructive way.

In fact, “Peaceful Conflicts,” as I call them, can provide opportunities — for growth, for strengthening the bond between the two parties, for developing empathy and greater understanding, for increased trust, for becoming more creative and productive. The alternative is quite costly. Just think of the time and energy wasted in frustration, gossiping, and potential violence...

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Tal Gur
Tal Gur

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