The Intelligent Investor

Key Principles, Insights and Actionable Exercises

Most of us have thought about investing at one point or another but then the thought of financial loss via burst bubbles and economic crashes makes us put the idea on the backburner for another day.

Here’s the thing: there is speculation as there is intelligent investing. The speculator’s primary interest lies in anticipating and profiting from market fluctuations. The intelligent investor’s primary interest lies in acquiring and holding suitable securities at suitable prices.

Benjamin Graham’s book, “The Intelligent Investor,” is a compilation of the lessons he learned as a young investor. Even though the book was written in 1949, it is still in print and considered something of a bible by many value investors.

Graham’s main principles require a long-term approach in order to be more risk-averse but it’s one that works as Warren Buffett and countless others who have made their fortune using the intelligent investor strategy can attest to.

With Benjamin Graham’s principles, you’ll learn why you should ignore Mr. Market, why it’s better to examine long-term value, and how to use “dollar-cost-averaging” strategy in order to mitigate the risks of higher volatility.


Benjamin Graham
Benjamin Graham

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