Internalizing Abundance

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How is your relationship with life? Is it based on gratitude and appreciation despite what the outside circumstances show? OR is it conditional and based on entitlement and external factors?

If you feel a sense of scarcity in your life, then chances are that your relationship with life is one of neediness.

Abundance is first and foremost about moving from scarcity and survival consciousness into a more expansive and boundless one. Everything around us—rocks, trees, other people, your body, your thoughts—is energy. And that similar energy patterns tend to attract and resonate with each other. Or, in other words, abundance attracts abundance.

The general tendency in our society is to associate abundance with money alone. However, as explained at length, abundance encompasses a much greater depth than finances and figures. On its own, money is just paper or a ledger entry in a computer. It’s the source that matters—the value you create and the wealth you own.

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Tal Gur
Tal Gur

Founder of ELEVATE Society, Author of The Art of Fully Living, Spent a decade pursuing 100 life goals around the globe.


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